Insights From Your Preferred Stucco Service Provider

What Are the Benefits of Stucco Installations?

Stucco installations are fortunately on their way out. As time goes by, the industry is changing and growing, though, as all things do. With this in mind, you need to ask yourself what are the benefits of a stucco service, and how it can benefit your project? That is a good place to start. Here are the benefits of stucco installation:


This is the big one. Stucco walls are known for their noise-resistant qualities, especially when it comes to traffic noise. This is due to the fact that the material is cement-based, which is obviously much better at absorbing sound than its plaster counterparts. While this is a good thing, it will depend on the sub-structure of your home and the location of the studs, especially when it comes to other materials like brick and stone. There are also times when certain types of stucco do not absorb sound as well as cement-based stucco.

No Cracks

This is another major benefit. No cracks in stucco walls. It is an unlikely occurrence due to the strength of the material, and it is basically cement-based. It is not going to crack like its plaster counterpart, which is commonly found in houses built from the 1930s to the 1960s. It is basically a powder mixed with water, and it does need to be applied with special cement that will give it its thickness as well as a dye mixed in.

Lights up the house

This is another huge benefit. Since stucco is not painted and is cement-based, it lights up the house. It is not white because cement is designed to be yellow which will light up the house, and it is not painted. This means that stucco will never need painting, and it will not lose its color over time.

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